Important Information about MSG Allergy

The full form of MSG is Mono Sodium Glutamate and it is generally added to food items, especially ready to eat ones in order to enhance their taste. There are however a bit of controversy regarding its potential of causing allergy like symptoms. Though some people have reported some symptoms it is yet to be clinically proven, that MSG can lead to certain allergies. However, one small subset of people might expect an amount of discomfort that is known as MSG allergy.

important information about MSG allergy

MSG Allergy: Symptoms and Cure

It has been seen that a small number of people have experienced some problems like tingling in the skin, headache and others while taking MSG. How do you know that you might have the allergy? MSG is known to cause some reaction in the nerve cells of a human body. When a person suffers from this allergy they generally feel a sort of stimulation for hunger, taste and smell. Below given is the list of some symptoms that you should be aware of –

  • Runny or congested nose
  • Headache
  • Mild pain in the chest
  • Burning sensation in and around the mouth
  • Facial swelling
  • Sweating

There are other more serious types of symptoms reported by a very small minority. These include:

  • Palpitation in the heart and general chest pain.
  • Breathing trouble or shortness of breath
  • Swelled throat
  • Anaphylaxis, etc.

If you experience these types of problems when you eat a food that contains MSG, the best possible solution is to stay away from that specific food. The problem is that most of the processed food, dried meat etc contains MSG but you can only find it mentioned, if it has been added as an ingredient. If you are really allergic to MSG then you should avoid certain food products such as dried or processed meat, meat extracts, cheese, stocks from poultry, and hydrolyzed proteins that has various usages. In that case, stick to natural food like, fruits, vegetable, organic meat etc.

Generally the symptoms of MSG allergy can be seen within half an hour to an hour of eating the food, and they generally last up to two to three hours. If you have serious problems, you will have to see a doctor on an emergency basis.

Thus make sure to read the labels of food items before confusing if you suffer from MSG allergy.


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