Avoiding Cat Allergy – A Comprehensive Guide

Like dogs, cats can be good pets but with cats you always have the risk of getting allergies. This is mainly due to the hairiness of the felines. But allergies does not mean that you have to stop cuddling your pet or stay away from other family members. Just a little bit of precaution can help you to avoid these allergies and stop from the next outbreak.

avoiding cat allergyTips to Avoid Cat Allergies

  • You need to be near your cat to realize whether you are allergy prone. There is no sense in going for medication to stop these allergies if you are immune to them.
  • Once you realize that you are feline allergic, start with holistic approaches like keeping the air in your house clean. This means you need to be conscious about ventilation so that there is fresh air in your house and room. Fresh air can drive away germs from your house.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to clean your house regularly. Your cat’s hair can be strewn all over and that may be the root cause for your allergies.
  • Clean your cat by washing and brushing their fur. Spray your cat with allergen reduction solutions. Dark cats produce more allergens than the light colored ones, so keep that in mind.
  • If possible designate areas for your cat like a small room or a cat home. This also means that you need to be sure that you cat does not enter your bedroom or kitchen. If possible, keeps the living room free of your cat because the last thing you want is your guests getting allergies because of your cat.
  • If you see that your allergies have increased due to your cat, then consult a doctor immediately.
  • You might consider going for a treatment that includes taking injections over a period of time so that you can see proper results.
  • If you do not have cats and you have started getting allergies after visiting someone who has a cat, then you need to restrict your visit to this place.
  • Try not to bring cats close to you because the allergens they produce can be adversely effective on you making your rashes and allergies sore.
  • Even if you are around people who have cats at home, keep your distance. They may have cat fur on their clothes that can be harmful for you.

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