Top 6 Hypoallergenic Cats

A hypoallergenic cat is a cat which is likely to cause fewer allergens than the other cat breeds. It is common for cats to produce a lot of dander which is known to be an allergen but there are some cats which may not produce as much of it as others. Those who are allergic to pet dander must consider such breeds rather than choosing the other ones. The following given is the list of the top hypoallergenic cat breeds.

1. Balinese


One of the most common hypoallergenic cats in the world is Balinese. This cat breed produces much less fur and dander than other cat breeds and is thus an ideal choice for people who are allergic. It produces much less Fel D1 protein which causes allergies in the first place.

2. Russian Blue

russian blue

Russian blue is another hypoallergenic cat breed which does not shed fur as this is part of its nature. This cat breed too produces very little amount of glycoprotein Fel d1 which is the substance which people are actually allergic to. A lot of allergic people prefer this cat breed as it is also friendly and active.

3. Bengal


This cat breed gets this name because it looks much like the Bengal tiger and is yet another hypoallergenic cat breed. It has uniquely fine pelts which need less maintenance than cat hair and this is one reason why it doesn’t shed a lot of dander.  Their fur contains less allergen-rich saliva and it thus needs less grooming from the cat.

4. Devon Rex

devon rex

This cat breed has soft and fine down hair which do not get shed as much as that of other cats. Due to this reason, this cat is also hypoallergenic and hence a popular choice for cat owners and lovers. It also has no or little top coat which too contributes to it being hypoallergenic.

5. Oriental Shorthair

oriental shorthair

This cat has a short and fine coat which sheds very infrequently and also needs minimum grooming. Due to these reasons, this is another common hypoallergenic cat which you will find in the houses of many cat owners who suffer from allergies.

6. Cornish Rex

cornish rex

The Cornish rex only have an undercoat layer of down hair and hence shed little hair in comparison to the other cat breeds in the world. These cats too are not as allergic to humans and are opted for by many allergic people.

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