How to Make your Home Pet Allergy Free: 8 Tips

Pet allergy refers to the allergies that arise as a reaction to the allergens found in the skin cells, saliva or urine of pet animals. The most common signs of the pet allergies include sneezing and runny nose while some may also experience wheezing and a trigger of asthmatic episode.

People who suffer from these allergies but cannot live without the furry creatures can take many precautionary steps so as to make their home per allergy free. These steps aim at helping them reduce the risk of allergy triggers and limit exposure.

make your home pet allergy free

  1. Those who are allergic to the pets must try and make minimum contact with the pet to reduce the instances of exposure by keeping the pets outdoors most of the time, or at least when the allergic individual is around.
  2. Dander and other allergens get trapped in the carpet on the floor. It is hence a good idea to replace carpets with wooden flooring which reduces the chances of trapping dander or skin flakes from the pet’s skin, thus limiting exposure to the allergens as well.
  3. It is also good maintain hygiene of the pets in the house i.e. giving the pet (s) regular baths will reduce the amount of allergens in the dander and will help make your home pet allergy free.
  4. Another way to maintain a pet allergy free home is by not letting the pets climb on and rest on the house furniture especially beds, sofas and other components which may trap the dander and trigger a reaction in the individual with allergies.
  5. It is also a good idea to completely ban pets from entering the rooms of the individual who suffer from pet allergies completely. Keeping pets out of bedrooms will eliminate any scope of scaling and dander exposure in the personal space and hence reduce risk of allergic reactions.
  6. Clean the linens, covers and upholstery used in the house with pets on regular basis in mildly hot water is also a positive way of getting rid of the animal dander and allergens trapped in the furnishings.
  7. Just cleaning the covers etc. is not enough, the whole house needs to be cleaned at regular scheduled times. Regular cleaning will make the house free of allergens and hence of per allergies.
  8. Ventilate the room and the whole house appropriately, as and when needed to keep the house pet allergy free and safe.


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