How to Treat Pet Allergies Naturally?

Most of you must have pets and the obvious choice for these pets is either a dog or a cat or mostly furry animals. Some of you may even have birds and fishes and tarantulas as pets but the first two choices are the most common and they also come with a lot of skin allergies and other allergic problems.

treat pet allergies naturally

How to Identify if it is a Pet Allergy

  • Check beneath their fur to see if the pet has rashes, broken skin or small blisters. If you find something like these then you must treat your pet for allergies.
  • Your cat or dog may be suffering from dandruff and you may not know it. Check to see if the skin is flaky. Just shampoo may not be enough. You need some proper remedies.
  • It might be possible that on the superficial level the pet is healthy. But you will see that you are sneezing, you have rashes and your eyes are watery. Check the pet and you may find that your allergies are due to the ill health of the pet.

Natural Remedies to Pet Allergies

  • Cleanliness: Keep your pet clean and bathe it every day or as your veterinarian tells you to do. Make sure that you wipe your pet with a wet towel after it comes from outside. This will take away the dirt and germs that it brings with itself.
  • Add oil to diet: Most hairy pets have a dandruff problem and just shampooing is not enough. You need to add oil like sunflower, corn or peanut (oils) to your pet’s diet. But monitor the amount as too much oil could cause your pet to become fat.
  • Oatmeal soak is effective: In case your pet has become very dry and you see that there is itchiness then make sure that you give it an oatmeal soak. Mix together oatmeal and water and leave it on your pet’s skin for about ten minutes before washing it off. This will soothe the itchiness that your pet has been feeling.
  • Change food habits: If the pet has food allergies, try giving it marshmallows as that will be a welcome change for your pet and not hinder with the food habits too much.
  • Epsom salt helps: Never use tea tree oil on your pet. Instead use Epsom salt to treat rashes on your pet as that will soothe their skin.

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